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South India Temples Tour Packages-kerala,tamilnadu

South India Temples

South India Temple tour packages are places of religious interest. This packages takes you journey to the land rich in temples. South Indian style of temple architecture is called Dravidian Style of Temple Architecture. The Gopuram is two storeys gateway to the temple separated by horizontal molding. The Prakara or the outer wall encloses the temple. The Pallavas, the Cholas, the Pandyas, the Vijayanagar rulers and the Nayaks had contributed to the development of South Indian temples.

South India Temples Tour Packages

Major Temples in South India
1. Badami Cave 2. Guruvayoor 3. Meenakshi
4. Sabarimala 5. ISKCON 6. Jagannath
7. Thousand Pillar tour 8. Tirupati Tirumala tour

Other Temples in South India

9. Ambalapuzha tour 10. Atmalinga tour 11. Bull tour
12. Chamundeswari tour 13. Channakeshava tour 14. Chottanikkara tour
15. Ekambareswarar tour 16. Gangaikondas Cholapuram tour 17. Ettumanoor tour
18. Hazara tour 19. Oachira tour 20. Gunupudi Temple tour
21. Gavi Gangadeshwara tour 22. Hidimbeshwar tour 23. Jain Mandir tour
24. Jain Temples in Chennai 25. Kailasanathar Temples tour 26. Krishna Temples tour
27. Manjunatha Temples tour 28. Mannarshala Temples tour 29. Lokanarkavu Temples tour
30. Manthani Temples tour 31 Gundala Mallikarjuna Swami 32. Mukhalingam Temples tour
33. Parthasarathy Temples tour 34. Perur Patteeswaraswamy Temples tour 35. Sivagiri Temples tour
36. Thali Temples tour 37. Thirunavaya Temples tour 38. Thirunelli Temples tour
39. Tiruvalla Temples tour 40. Thriprayar Templse tour

Famous Pilgrimage Destinations of South India

41. Badami Cave Temples tour 42. Chidabaram Temples tour 43. Kanchipuram Templse tour 44. Kanyakumari Temples tour
45 Konarak Temples tour 46. Madurai Temples tour 47. Mahabalipuram Temples tour
48. Puri 49. Rameshwaram Temples tour 50. Puttaparthi Temples tour
51. Sravanabelagola Temples tour 52. Thanjavur Temples tour 53. Tirupati Temples tour
54. Shirdi Temple tour

cave temple

Cave temple Packages

The Badami cave temple is a complex of temples located at Badami, a town in the Bagalkot District in the north part of Karnataka, India.Varaha Cave Temple (Adivaraha) is a rock-cut cave temple was located at Mamallapuram, on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal in Kancheepuram.


The fourth biggest temple in India in terms of the number of devotees per day, Guruvayoor Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. Though the devotees worship him as Lord Krishna, the deity is that of complete man incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu with four arms. This shrine is popularly known as the Dwaraka of south and is in the form of rectangle. There are lot of mural paintings around the Shrine. Being one of the most sacred and important pilgrim centres of Kerala, it is probably the only temple in the state that hosts the maximum number of marriages and rice feeding ceremony, the ritual first meal for infants.


ISKCON TempleA.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is the founder acharya of the hare krishna movement. Completed in 1998, this is complex of temples. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) was initially raised as spiritual society in New York to Propagate the message of the Bhagwad Gita. It was founded by Swami Prabhupada. In India there are about 40 ISKCON temples. Contemplating the traditions of the ancient Vaishnava tradition, its philosophy and practice, these spiritual temples have left mark on all mankind. Visiting these temples proves to be pleasant and revealing experience. ISKCON Temple is available at Delhi and Bangalore.

Lord Jagannath

Jagannath Temple The great temple of Lord Jagannath at Puri is still living and vibrant temple. Over the centuries it has attracted kings, conquerors, religious teachers, devotees and pilgrims. In the minds of the millions of Indians, Orissa is the land of Jagannath.

Kailash Temple in South India

Kailash TempleKailash Temple(Kailashnath Temple), also Kailasanatha Temple is one of the 34 monasteries and temples located at Ellora, Maharashtra, India, and represents the epitome of Indian rock-cut architecture. It is designed to recall Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva. While it exhibits typical Dravidian features, it was carved out of one single rock. It was built in the 8th century by the Rashtrakuta king Krishna I.

Lingaraaj Temple in South India

Lingaraaj Temple
Lingaraaj Temple is temple of the Hindu god Shiva and is one of the oldest temples of the Temple City Bhubaneswar, revered pilgrimage center and the capital of the state of Orissa. The temple of Lingaraja, the biggest of all at Bhubaneswar is located within spacious compound wall of latterite measuring 520 feet by 465 feet. The wall is 7 feet 6 inches thick and surmounted by plain slant coping. Alongside the inner face of the boundary wall there runs terrace probably meant to protect the compound wall against outside aggression.

Meenakshi Temple in South India

Meenakshi Temple Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple or Meenakshi Amman Temple is historic Hindu temple located in the holy city of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva (in the form of Sundareswarar or Beautiful Lord) and his consort, Goddess Parvati (in the form of Meenakshi). The temple forms the heart and lifeline of the 2500 year old city of Madurai. This temple has stunning architecture and significant testimony for dravidians for their master architecture in sculpting this temple. The complex houses 14 magnificent Gopurams or towers including two golden Gopurams for the main deities, that are elaborately sculptured and painted.

Sabarimala Temple

Sabarimala Temple Sabarimala is pilgrimage centre in Kerala located in the Western Ghat mountain ranges of Kerala in Pathanamthitta District. Lord Ayyappan's temple is situated here in the midst of 18 hills. The area is in the Sahya ranges of Kerala. The temple is situated on hilltop at an altitude of 914m/3000 ft above mean sea level, and is surrounded by mountains and dense forests. Temples exists in each of the hills surrounding Sabarimala. While functional and intact temples exist at many places in the surrounding areas like Nilackal, Kalaketi, and Karimala, remnants of old temples survive to this day on remaining hills. Sabarimala is Ayyappan Temple in Kerala believed to be the place where Ayyappan meditated after killing the powerful demon, Mahishi. Sabarimala is one of the most visited piligrim centres in the world with an estimated 4.5 - 5 crores devotees coming every year. The world's second largest annual pilgrimage (after Hajj in Mecca) is reported to be to Sabarimala.

Thousand Pillar in South India

Thousand Pillar in South india About 150 km. from Hyderabad lies the ancient city of Warangal. Noted today for its beautiful lakes, magnificent temples and wildlife, Warangal possess the marvelous thousand pillared temple, built by King Rudra Deva in the 12th century. The famous Thousand Pillar Temple, built in 1163 AD, by king Rudra Deva is an important monument situated near the Hanamkonda-Warangal highway. One thousand richly carved pillars and magnificent black basalt Nandi bull are unique to this temple which is dedicated to Lords Shiva, Vishnu and Surya.
The temple is in shape of star and has three shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Surya. The temple is built on 1m high platform on the slopes of the Hanumakonda hill and has majestic monolithic Nandi. The black basalt Nandi, monolith, has lovely polished finish. There are many small lingam shrines surrounding the gardens. The temple is famous for its richly carved pillars, screens and detailed sculpture.

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