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South India Beaches

South India Beach tour packages have most attractive spots. Goa is almost synonymous with beaches. South India beaches are formed in Kerala, Goa, Tamilnadu and Pondicherry. Kerala beaches are Cochin Beaches and Allapey. Tamilnadu beaches are Kanniyakumari, Rameswaram, Valankanni, pombokar, Chidambaram and chennai. Pondicherry Beaches are auroville, paradise beaches.

Goa Beach Tour

Goa Beach Goa Beach tour Packages have popularity and facilities. Goa Beaches Tour packages have been accepted as a matter of life, there are exotic cuisine backing the pleasure of have on sun and sand and water sports facilities that include from water scooters to water gliding.

Pondicherry Beach Tour

Kerala Pondicherry Beach tour packages are Auroville Beaches Tour Packages, Pondicherry Rock Beach Tour Packages, Paradise Beach Tour packages, Usutu lake Boat house. Auroville Beaches Tour Packages is for sun bath. Pondicherry Rock Beach Tour Packages is for walk. Paradise Beach Tour packages are for boating. Usutu lake Boat house is for boating.

Kerala Tour

Alappey or allapuzha beach

allapuzha or allappeyAlappuzha or Allappey beaches Tour Packages of Kerala is famous among tourists for its many facilities for entertainment at Vijaya Beach Park and prospects of sun bath on the beach, boat cruise and backwater destination cruise. The light house in the vicinity is very old and captures the attention of the tourists without fail. A popular picnic spot for the young children as well, the Alappuzha beach has children’s park and a toy train for the kids. The world famous Nehru Trophy boat race takes place in the backwaters of this beach only south india vacation

Kovalam beach

kovalam It is famous all over the world and consists of three small bow-shaped beaches. A world renowned beach of Kerala, the Kovalam beach is a cluster of three crescent beaches side by side separated by rocky promontories. One of its kind sunbathing opportunities is on offer at this picturesque beach; the colossal rocky headlands create a charming bay of calm water within its territory. It is the cleanest and the safest beach of India, barely 16 kilometers from the state capital. A plenty of leisure options await tourists here, including Kayaking, Swimming, Surfing and Skiing. The Kovalam beach is particularly sought after for its Ayurvedic treatments and stay in one its Ashrams. Besides, sun bathing in the tropical sun at Kovalam is also delightful, as skin tan enthusiasts leave here with superb results in least time.

varkala beach

varkala Varkala beach is quite an extraordinary beach with its many mineral springs amidst the rocky cliffs, and the overall panorama of the sea, the beach and the cliffs alongside presenting a truly captivating view for the tourists. The peace of the Varkala beach is very comforting and tourists love to watch sunset here. The mineral springs at Varkala are said to have medicinal value and bathing in them is alleged to purify body and soul. The other attractions at the beach are the ancient Sri Janardhana Swamy temple and Nature Care Centre.

Tamilnadu Beach Tour

Tamilnadu has various fomous beaches in south India. Marrina beaches are famous in Chennai. Kanniyakumari Beaches is famous for sun raising and Swamy Vivekanatha Temple. Rameswaram beach is very famous in south India.

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