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South Indian Travel Agent

First of all while touring SouthIndia you need to get the visa so as to get the permission from the government to enter the land of SouthIndia. In the absence of which there were would be some legal steps instituted against you. Also there are Consulates and Embassies of various nations so that if any problem arises regarding their citizens during their tour in SouthIndia the case would be solved by the Embassy. Apart from these legal formalities there are also some do's and don't that one must know as a matter of SouthIndia Tourist Information. Because of the great diversity in everything knowing this will keep you in the safer side. Now another important information regarding the tourists coming from outside the SouthIndia is that the communication systems of SouthIndia are highly developed. With its modern technologies you can communicate and access wherever you want. There are a lot of options in this field also which makes your tour very simple and extremely planned. Now while touring in such a vast and diverse country you might also land up in some king of emergencies. So it is very important for the tourists to have a knowledge of the various emergency numbers.
SouthIndia houses almost all the religions of this world so consequently you will experience all the colors of life in a single destination. With its huge diversity and beauty it is for granted that you will have a real good time. From the white Himalayas in the north to the exotic places in the south you will only feel yourself such as walking in heaven. These were some of the major things in SouthIndia Tourist Information. Website development Pondicherry seo Pondicherry Web design pondicherry chennai to pondicherry taxi

SouthIndia Visa Information


First to get a visa you need to fill the required application form. If you deposit the form in the counter then most probably it will be processed the same day. But if the application is received via mail them it will take 10 business working days to process the form. The following documents are required to get a visa: 1. Visa Application form 2. Passport with a validity of minimum of six months 3. Two latest passport photographs 4. Supporting documents for the type of visa applied for 5. Visa fee

Types of Visa

As granting of visas is based on specific reason so there are various categories of visas, which are provided in SouthIndia Visa Information sites. Some of them are: - 1. Tourist Visa - this visa is grated to a person for stay in SouthIndia or outside. Its validity ranges from a period anywhere between 6 months to 10 years. 2. Business Visa - this visa is valid for six months or one or more years. To get this visa one has to get a letter from the sponsoring organization indicating nature of applicant's business, probable duration of stay, validity of visa, places and organizations to be visited. 3. Some of the other visas are the employment visa, student visa, research visa etc. All this SouthIndia Visa Information is specific to SouthIndia only and might change according to another country.

Foreign Embassies & Consulates in SouthIndia

There are certain diplomatic missions, which are undertaken by the government in order to maintain diplomatic relations with other nations of the world. This helps in promoting trade and commerce between the nations, which in turn leads to growth of the world community. Moreover, it also keeps a check in wars between the nations to some extent. This is the concept of having embassies and consulates. Almost all the countries have embassies and consulates. Similarly, there are Foreign Embassies and Consulates in SouthIndia also. Like SouthIndia has its embassies and consulates in different counties similarly other countries also have theirs in SouthIndia.

Communication in SouthIndia

Modes of Communication

There are various modes of Communication in SouthIndia, which makes it very easy to communicate with people in SouthIndia and outside SouthIndia also. The various modes of communication are: - 1. Public Phone Booths - This is one of the main modes of communication. These public phone booths are also commonly knows as PCO's. These public booths provide all types of calls facilities. They provide the facility or making local, STD as well as ISD calls. One of the major features of this mode of communication is that it is available in every nook and corner. 2. Mobile Phones - Nowadays this has become the most favorite mode of communication. The major feature of this mode of communication in SouthIndia is that it gives all types of facility in your hand and also it is mobile. You won't have to confine yourself. Wherever you go you are connected. Mobile service is full fledged. 3. Cyber Cafes - Another major mode of communication are these cyber cafes. These cafes provide Internet facility through which you would be able to access anything anywhere in this world. 4. Postal Service - The oldest and the most reliable of all the services is the postal service. The postal service is very good. It provides various services like registered post, speed most, parcels etc.

India Public Holidays

List of Holidays

As SouthIndia is a multicultural as well as a secular nation so there are a lot of festivals that are celebrated in SouthIndia. SouthIndia is also widely known as the land of the festivals. The specialty of this nation is that it gives equal weight age to each and every religion and celebrates festival of every religion. These are in total 13 SouthIndia Public Holidays. Some of them are: - 1. New Year's Day (1st Jan) - This is a public holiday as this is the first day of the year and is celebrated not only in SouthIndia but also worldwide. 2. Id ul Zuha - This is also known as the Feast of Sacrifice and is a Muslim festival. 3. Republic Day (26th Jan) - On this day SouthIndia adopted its constitution and became republic. 4. Mahavir Jayanti (26th Feb) - This festival is celebrated as the birth date of Mahavir. This is a festival of the Jains. 5. Good Friday - This is a festival of the Christians. It commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

India: Do's and Don't

The Do's

When it comes to visit India then it is the list of the do's that one should first keep in mind. There are certain social conventions that you should follow so as not to hurt the Indian sentiments. One of the most important is the greeting. In India people greet each other by saying "Namaste" while folding hands together. Before entering any temple you are required to remove your footwear. Women are expected to dress modestly as matter of decency. Short skirts and tight or revealing clothes are not acceptable in the Indian society. Before making a tour you should necessarily have a local guide who is from India. There are even English speaking guides available. So visitors who are from outside India would find it comfortable to converse.

The Don't

There are a lot of things that you need to take care while touring in India. The first and the foremost thing are not to do any sort of obscene acts on the roads. Regarding the tour the visitors are strongly advised not to travel to the terrorist affected places in the Jammu and Kashmir. While importing any sort of animals, livestock and pig meat products are strictly prohibited. Also refrain from traveling into the rural areas in the monsoon season, as there are many chances of hazards like landslides etc being caused. So these were some of the India Do's and Don't which one should follow while making a tour in India.