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Andhra Pradesh South India Tour


Andhra Pradesh

South India tour Andhra Pradesh has located on the spectacular coastline of Bay of Bengal, irrigated by the river Godavari and is aptly termed the Rice Granary of India. The land that present a beautiful amalgamation of varied cultures, traditions, historical sites, monuments, religious temples, prosperous flora and fauna, picturesque hill-stations, cascading waterfalls, gleaming lakes, lofty hills and Buddhist pilgrimage sites. The Chalukyan, Nagara, Dravidian, and the Orissa sculpture are seen in the edifice of temples in this southern state. Tirupati is one of the riches temples of the world, millions of pilgrims come to pray here throughout the year.


tour to Andhra predeshHyderabad, the second Silicon Valley of the India, the city of Charminar and capital of Andhra Pradesh, the city was meant to be a symbol of the might of the Qutab Shahi rulers. Hyderabad has founded in the late 6th century by Qutab Shahi dynasty, modelled after Isfaan in Iran, the city had been completed in 1592.


tripati tourTirupati has one of the important pilgrim centre in India.It has famous for the shrine of the seven hills, dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara, of Tirumala- 13 kms. The principal deity of this temple has Lord Venkateswara also known as Balaji. The temple has a masterpiece of Dravidian architecture with its gopuram facing east. The vimana has completely covered with gold plate. The statues of Krishnadevaraya and his consort can be seen in the temple. The Brahmostavam or annual festival has celebrated in September. Akasaganga Waterfalls,Papanasam Waterfalls, Varahaswamy Temple, Perumallapalli.